Personal bio: 

Born in 1960 she studies Congress Organization and Public Relations. Worked in the Congress Bureau in San Sebastian and in the C.A.T. of San Sebastián (Centre for Tourism promotion) where she participated in the organization of many cultural events such as Fashion Festival, Jazz Festival, Film Festival, Antiques Fair, etc. She collaborates in the Centre of Initiatives of Tolosa on voluntary bases since 1978, starting to work professionally in 2003. Curator of the exhibition “Window to Iberian Puppetry” organized by the SEACEX (State Society for Cultural Activities Abroad) exhibited in New Delhi - India in 2008 and in Seoul – Korea in 2010/2011 She Participates in the VII Meeting of Actuality and Museography of ICOM Spain in 2012. She is Member of the Executive Committee of the International Choir Contest of Tolosa, founded in 1967; Director of the International Puppet Festival of Tolosa, founded in 1983 and co-founder and Director of TOPIC International, Puppet Centre of Tolosa, founded in 2009. Since 1986 is member of UNIMA (Union International de la Marionnette). She was General Secretary of UNIMA Spain in the period 1992-1996. International UNIMA Councilor elected by the Congress for the periods 2000-2004, 2004-2008, 2008-2012 and 2012-2016. Chair of the Elections Committee of UNIMA International since 1998. Member of the Publications and Communication Commission of International UNIMA. She is President of UNIMA Spain elected on 28th September 2008. Since 2010 member of the State Council of the Arts and Music, from the Ministry of Culture of Spain.