3D printed replica production


We 3D digitize cultural and historical artefacts and build 3D digital replicas which can be easily3D printed. We understand the high demand for well made historically accurate replicas for different purposes, from research and conservation to souvenirs and education.

Depending on the needs, we can optimise and scale a large model for cost-effective 3D printing, or enlarge a microscopic object for detailed explorations. 

Stainless steel, porcelain, full colour sandstone or playful plastic, there are many options for modern 3D printing.

Use Case: 
  • Delicate and fragile object handling: subsitute delicate and fragile objects with their accurate 3D printed replicas when those objects being loaned outside the museum or in other conservation and research activities. 
  • Tactile exhibits: 3D printed replicas can be provided to visually impaired and blind visitors in addition to audio guidance, enabling a more accessible exhibition experience. Replicas can also be displayed where other visitors and children can examine closely. Click to see a showcase of National Museum of Finland.
  • Souvenirs: masterpieces can be 3D printed on demand, reducing the risks of expensive an excess inventory in museum stores.
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