eCult Event: The Beauty & the Beast: How to approach Culture and ICT?


Beauty or Beast? Results from the eCult Stakeholder Workshop in Hamburg

The eCult Stakeholder Workshop was hosted by the Kulturbehörde Hamburg, the city council for culture. Hamburg is the first German city that developed a "digital cultural strategy" and Dr. Dirk Petrat, head of the council, put forward the needs of the public sector: "Museums need guidance when, where, why and how to use technology". 

Participants included representatives from museums, university, creative and cultural industries, intermediaries and young professionals. 
Below, you can find the presentations, some statements and eventually, some conclusions that focus on 6 key words: Dialogue, target audience, technology strategy, technical staff, interoperability and last but not least, money.

Programme available here
Museum Panel provocative statement by Goranka Horjan
Intermediaries/artists/users' Panel provocative statement by Dejan Pestotnik



"Putting objects on the Internet is part of marketing, not a threat." (Aare Renzer, Art Museum of Estonia) 

"Guidance for museums, somehow standardised, on how ICT could be involved in museum activities is needed! It does not exist, each museum wastes time and energy separately." (Dirk Petrat, Kulturbehörde Hamburg)

"Museums have always been virtual in a way as they have always extracted objects from their natural environments; hence it should be no problem for them to use new virtual technologies." (Goranka Horjan, The European Museum Forum)

"There are no beasts when the beauty of technology and beauty of culture comes together, there is just magic!" (Katerina Iatropoulou, EFG1914)

"I observed in the discussions that the main obstacles to technology is the mentality of CH people. It is the same case in Social Sciences and Humanities: people think technology prevents them from doing what they do." (Evelyn Gius, University of Hamburg)

"We need to overcome this traditionalism. In Italy, even big museums have no special technical staff." (Vito Cappellini, University of Florence/EVA Florence)

"Curators are afraid: the Internet might expose them, they may even lose control over 'their' treasures." (Goranka Horjan, TEMF)

"Don't forget the money issue!" (James Hemsley, EVA London)

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